This morning we just had a very interesting discussion about how blog should be used in higher education. This post is just some thoughts after the discussion. Maybe they are illogical, which maybe the beauty of blog, recording ideas in your mind quickly. You can always come back to refine it.

Any comments are very welcome !

We discussed we discussed the risks for instituations handle blogs. Should an instituation be involved in ensuring the quality of the materials of the blogs?

My question is do we have to connect blog to the traditional teaching and learning? It is a question being in my mind through the whole discussion. As I see it, one of the functions of a blog is a place to note down ideas in an easy way. It can be shared and commented by others, which will help the ideas be refined.

Publishing in blog does not have to be perfect as the tradtional publications do. Easy, quick, sharable and free spirit may be the beauty of blogging, which makes it so popular.

It does not mean that the quality of blog content is all bad. There are many good discussions there! It is easier to spark innovative ideas naturally in a blog like envrionment . Nobody can be really motivated unless s/he is self-motivated.

What is my point then? My point is that let the students go with the blog freely. Blog is a place like coffee bar or pub where individuals or groups can enjoy themselves. They can communicate if they really want to. They can collaborate if they want to. They will discuss research if they want to. Surely the process of blogging can improve their communication skills, which is very important to the traditional education. Many exciting things will happen naturally if it meant to.

One day, you come back, the different flowers are blooming.